Getting Started with Awesome Social

Getting Started with Awesome Social

Welcome to Awesome Social

Just signed up for Awesome Social? ✨Hurray, Welcome on board!

We'll outline Awesome Social's key features to help you get started.

What is Awesome Social

Awesome social is an all-in-one social media management platform for social media marketing. Whether you are an agency, a social media manager, a freelancer, or a business - with Awesome Social you can easily:

  1. Schedule and publish content across Instagram, Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter and Pinterest.
  2. Engage with your audience with help of social inbox.
  3. Create, upload and edit media using powerful AI tools.
  4. Drive Traffic from all your different social profiles to your
  5. Analyze your post-performance.
  6. Collaborate with your team members and bring all your people and content in the same place.

So, let's Kick-start your Awesome Social journey🙂:

Step 1 - Signup and verification.

If this is your first AwesomeSuite product, you'll receive a welcome email with a URL to validate your registration. 

If you didn't receive activation email, check your spam folder for an email from If you still can't find it, contact us at and we'll get in touch with you.

When you sign up for Awesome Social, you are asked to create a Workspace. After which, you need to create a Brand. You'll immediately see a pop-up where you can connect seven social channels to your Brand on Awesome Social. 

Step 2 - Create a brand.

Create a brand

2) Give your brand a name example: “Nike”, “Nutella” , “Apple”

3) Select a time zone associated with the publishing calendar. Every post that is scheduled for this brand would rely on this time zone and timing to publish your post. Click CREATE

4) Connect Your Brands Social Channels:  Here authenticate and connect your social profile accounts that you want to associate with this brand.

You can add and manage one each of the following social channels under a single Brand: 
  • Instagram Business Profile
  • LinkedIn Profile
  • LinkedIn Company Page
  • Facebook Page
  • Facebook Group
  • Pinterest Profile
  • Twitter Profile

Click NEXT

5) Invite your team: Your business and company may have people who help you manage you social marketing, if you are a freelancer or and agency then you may also have clients. Invite all the team member who would have access to these social profiles and assign then roles and permissions.

Simply enter their email address, if they are already on platform, you’ll see them in recommendation.

6) Click FINISH

Step 3 - Working With Brands

 You can set up multiple such Brands within your Awesome Social Workspace. Your Workspace houses all your Brands.

To manage more than one of any of these social channels—for example:

Two Facebook Pages or Two Instagram Profiles—you'll need to create a second Brand and connect these additional social channels. 

Adding Your Social Profiles

To begin scheduling, you must first connect your social profiles.

To do this, click the + button one the side nav. You’ll be asked to log in to the social profile. This will grant Awesome Social permission to publish and gather data for you.

Connect Social

Schedule Your Posts

Awesome Social helps you plan your entire week (or months) in advance. You can schedule posts in advance in one go and forget about them. 

Here’s a quick look at how to schedule posts with Awesome Social:

  1. Click on "Create Post" button on the navbar at the top.
  2. A slider would open, here select the social profile that you your brand's post to be published on. 
  3. Write a caption, add hashtags and Upload your Media.
  4. Publish Now or, select a specific time to schedule your post for later.
    1. You could also, click the down arrow next to the Publish Now button > Save as Draft to save your post as a draft and come back to it later.

Schedule post

Plan and Visualize

Switch between different views to better visualize your content feed and release plan. Currently you get 5 Views with Awesome Social.

  1. Calendar View
  2. Feed View
  3. Table View
  4. Instagram Grid View


Adding your Team Members

You can add team members to you brand anytime. 

Follow these Steps to add a Team Member to your Brand:

  1. Go to your Home tab.

  2. Hover over the brand you want to add team members to. You'll see the settings icon, Click "Settings"

  1. Then navigate to the team section.

  2. Enter the email address. Mention their role

  3. To invite more Team Members, click + Add More Collaborators

  4. Click the Add Members button.

  5. Awesome Social will send these individuals an invitation to assist you in managing your Brand.

  6. You may also add and manage Team Members in Awesome Social's Settings.

You are now ready to begin working alongside your team members. An example post with comments and internal notes is shown below. You can leave a comment on the right side; each comment is unique to each post.  

You can contribute, exchange opinions, give ideas, and debate the post by writing a comment on the right side of the post, such as "Amazing Picture." 

 Following that, you might seek permission from your teammates or clients. 
Team chat

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