A Guide To Handling Multiple Brands and Their Socials

A Guide To Handling Multiple Brands and Their Socials

Introduction to Brands?

So you have more than one brand. Each brand in Awesome Social comprises a Social Set to help you better organize your social profiles. Here’s how they work:

Social Sets are a well organized collection of your social media handles. A Social Set has all the accounts available and currently linked to your brand.

You can add and manage one each of the following social channels under a single Brand: 
  • Instagram Business Profile
  • LinkedIn Profile
  • LinkedIn Company Page
  • Facebook Page
  • Facebook Group
  • Pinterest Profile
  • Twitter Profile

Working with Brands:

You can have an unlimited number of Brands of a brand but cannot connect more than 1 social media handle from the same platform. For instance, a brand with a social set already connected to Instagram profile cannot connect another profile to this set.

To manage more than one of any of these social channels—for example:

Two Facebook Pages or Two Instagram Profiles—you'll need to create a second Brand and connect these additional social channels. 

Editing and Managing a Brand

You can manage and change settings of your brand anytime. 

Follow these Steps to manage your Brand:

  1. Go to your Home tab.

  2. Hover over the brand you want to add team members to. You'll see the settings icon, Click "Settings"

Adding Team Members

  1. Then navigate to the team section.

  2. Enter the email address. Mention their role

  3. To invite more Team Members, click + Add More Collaborators

  4. Click the Add Members button.

  5. Awesome Social will send these individuals an invitation to assist you in managing your Brand.

  6. You may also add and manage Team Members in Awesome Social's Settings.

Setting up Workflow.

Workflows and approvals allow teams to better manage their content quality. If you are an agency working with clients, or a business working with freelancers and marketing teams, you will require workflows to quality check each piece of content before it goes live.

you can set that up though your brand's setting. by click on the workflow Tab.

  1. Start by creating a new workflow. Click "Create New"
  2. Then choose the Approvers that you want to be the first to approve or reject your content.
Awesome Social allows you to create multi level approval process for your content. Simply add more steps and the choose the approvers from the drop-down recommendations.
  1. Choose whether the approval step requires ALL the approvers to approve the content or is the content gets approved if ANY one approves.
  2. Click on (+) if you wish to add more steps to the approval process.
Your approvers must be part of your brand in order to be added to the approval workflow.

Choose your URL Shortener

Awesome Social Integrates with Bit.ly . You can choose to integrate to minify your links with Bit.ly or else have the default settings of awesm.ly (Our own URL shortner)

This is what your brand looks like. This allows you to manage access to your social handles if you have collaborators working with you on your brand. The Team Tab allows you to add and remove members and collaborators to your brand.
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